On NPR, DPD Assistant Chief Comes Up with Department's New Motto for Transparency

From GMA to NPR, the Ryan Moats-Robert Powell run-in remains the talk of the nation -- by which I mean the story's the subject of this 11-minute Tell Me More story airing on National Public Radio affiliates today. Host Michael Martin interviews at great length Dallas Assistant Police Chief Floyd Simpson, who says that Chief David Kunkle believes in transparency -- as in, "If we mess up, we're gonna fess up and then we're gonna clean it up and make it so it doesn't happen again," as Simpson puts it. Simpson, who's Powell's direct supervisor, talks about his "candid conversation" with the officer concerning the videotape of the incident, and the chief says he "wanted more compassion, more remorse" from Powell, who has since apologized to Ryan and Tamisha Moats after Angela Hunt called for his ouster.

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