On Stemmons Freeway, a Cement Truck Teaches a Sedan Who's Boss

It's never a good idea to cut off a humongous cement truck on the freeway. Not so much because karma may bite you in the ass at some vague point in the future as that it could be piloted by a driver who has no qualms about crushing the back end of your car.

Take what happened recently on Stemmons just outside of downtown, a scene captured on video. YouTube user jtocs sets the scene:

This lady cut off a cement truck and I watched him rear end her. When I noticed that neither vehicle came to a stop after the accident I started to record...

The truck is registered to Carrollton's THB Construction. The woman who answered the phone there didn't seem to be familiar with the video but told us to call back in an hour or so to talk to the office manager, Misty. She might know something.

Correction: We've been informed that the vehicle in the video is technically a concrete truck. Cement is an ingredient of concrete and is transported as a dry powder in non-mixing trucks. Just to set the record straight.

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