On Your Marcus

A few Neiman Marcus-related items this morning, chief among them the news released this a.m. that August revenues are up, from $264 million last year to $283 mil this annum -- and, like, whew. And lookit what sells: "designer handbags, shoes, designer jewelry, women’s fine apparel and men’s." Hunh. Never would have guessed.

Also, Gridskipper -- the self-described "urban travel guide" -- pays a visit to the downtown Dallas flagship, in honor of the store's 100th anniversary. And I do like this tribute to the Zodiac Room:

I think if I had a terminal disease and "Make A Wish" shined on me, I would just order a bounce house full of the Zodiac's humongous, pillow-like popovers, strip naked, jump in, and coat everything with a fire hydrant filled with the Zodiac's strawberry butter. Then I would eat until I keeled over.

Also, we get word from Neiman Marcus' fab PR department that Mayor Tom Leppert will be stopping by the downtown Neimans on Monday, around 10 a.m. Perhaps he'll check out its alarm system; doubtful. No, he'll be there to proclaim September 10 "Neiman Marcus Day." Former Mayor Laura Miller just called it "every day." --Robert Wilonsky

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