Once More, With Feeling, Dallas PD Warns You to Put Away Fireworks, Firearms This Weekend

Forthcoming: Anna's account of a morning presser with Dallas PD Chief David Brown about a crime-ring bust-up and Leslie's chitchats with Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins and a Tarrant County ADA about drunk-driving initiatives over the holiday weekend. Happy New Year! But first, the most ... ineffective, let's say, press release of each and every year: DPD's heads-up about shooting off firearms and fireworks this weekend. I say "ineffective" only because 'round my Northwest Dallas neighborhood, come the crack of midnight January 1 it always sounds a little like a war zone. Anyway. Here's the warning:

During this upcoming New Year's Holiday weekend, the Dallas Police Department will be patrolling neighborhoods looking for violators of illegal fireworks and random gunfire.

Fireworks that are in plain view will be confiscated and a citation will be issued to the person in possession of the fireworks. The fine for using and or possessing illegal fireworks can go as high as $2,000. DPD officers are urging citizens to help reduce the number of fires and injuries caused by fireworks.

The police department is also reminding citizens that our officers will be looking out for any citizens discharging firearms in the city limits of Dallas. It is not only dangerous but also illegal. It is a violation of the Texas Penal Code, 42.12, Discharge of firearm within the city limits. Punishment can range from fines up to $4,000 and/or jail time up to one year.

So now what do I do with this big box o' fireworks purchased over the weekend at a blow-em-up stand on Highway 380 up in Collin County?

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Robert Wilonsky
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