One More Reason to Drink in the New Year: Suit Over Citywide Beer, Wine Sales Is Dead.

Whilst you drink in the news that new-to-town Spec's (where a 1.75L bottle of Old Fitzgerald runs $21.46, cheaper if you pay cash) is looking to buy Sigel's (where the same bottle of Old Fitz costs $32), allow me to pour you another tall one the day before the day before New Year's Eve: That lawsuit over the ordinance allowing for the citywide sale of beer and wine appears to be officially over. (For now?)

As you no doubt recall, attorneys Andy Siegel and Leland de la Garza brought the suit on behalf of real-estater Marcus Wood and, according to the city's filings, "unidentified business interests" (i.e., liquor stores) who sought to overturn the November 2010 referendum. They contended that at-the-time City Secretary Deborah Watkins validated Kroger-backed Keep the Dollars in Dallas's petitions despite there not being enough legit signatures to trigger the local option election. To which the city said: That's incorrect.

Shortly before the case was scheduled for trial on September 12, Judge Laurine Blake of Bonham poured out the suit. But Siegel said he expected as much and told us he'd file an appeal: "Saves the time & expense of going to trial before the appeals court clarifies the governing legal standard of whether the City was required to come up with a certified & valid number of Petition signatures before calling a lawful election." A few weeks later they began the appeals process.

But a Friend of Unfair Park reminded me yesterday: The deadline for the formal filing of the appeal passed a few weeks ago -- December 1, to be precise. I asked Siegel if that was that. His short-n-sweet response via email: "Done w/Litigation for now." My New Year's resolution: Forget the case number DC-10-14835, which I have memorized like my own phone number. Drink up.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.