Thaddeous Green and Michael Mitchell are probably in Louisiana, according to the Dallas Police Department.
Thaddeous Green and Michael Mitchell are probably in Louisiana, according to the Dallas Police Department.
Dallas Police Department

DPD Says Guyger Witness Killed in Drug Deal Gone Wrong

Joshua Brown, a witness for the prosecution against former Dallas Police Department officer Amber Guyger, was killed during a drug deal that went bad, according to one of the participants in the would-be deal. Thaddeous Green, 22, shot Brown, 28, twice in the lower body after a fight interrupted a marijuana sale, police allege. One of those shots hit just below Brown's spine and traveled upward, injuring multiple organs, Dallas Police Department Assistant Chief Avery Moore said Tuesday.

One suspect tied to the shooting, Jacquerious Mitchell, is in custody at Parkland Hospital. Mitchell told police that Green got in touch with Brown to buy drugs, leading Green, Mitchell and Michael Diaz Mitchell to travel from their home in Louisiana to Dallas. Police did not say whether Jacquerious and Michael Mitchell are related.

During the attempted transaction, Brown and Green got into a fight. When Jacquerious Mitchell got out of a car to intervene, Brown shot him in the chest, Jacquerious Mitchell told police. He fell back into the vehicle and heard Green shoot Brown twice, Mitchell said.

Green, Michael Mitchell and Jacquerious Mitchell then sped away, Brown's backpack and gun in tow. Michael Mitchell, the driver, dropped Jacquerious off at the hospital, where he was treated and arrested by DPD.

After the shooting, DPD officers searched Brown's apartment, finding 12 pounds of marijuana, 149 grams of THC cartridges and more than $4,000 in cash, Moore said.

DPD and other law enforcement agencies are looking for Green and Michael Mitchell in Louisiana.

"These suspects are to be considered dangerous, because they are armed," Moore said.

The assistant chief chastised those who've connected Brown's death to his testimony in the Guyger trial.

"The rumors shared by community leaders that Mr. Brown’s death was related to the Amber Guyger trial and that DPD was responsible are false," Moore said. "We encourage those leaders to be mindful because their words may jeopardize the integrity of the city of Dallas and DPD."

When news of a potential arrest in the case broke Tuesday, Lee Merritt, the attorney representing both the family of Botham Jean, the man murdered by Guyger, and Brown, said that any investigation of Brown's death by DPD is tainted.

"I continue to urge DPD to recuse themselves from this investigation," Merritt said on Twitter. "The reliability of any arrest/prosecution will be undermined by their involvement."

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