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As Richie's out on vacation this week, I thought this would be as good a time as any to forward you baseball fans -- who aren't to be confused with Texas Rangers fans -- to Lone Star Ball, which I began reading only a few days back, hoping to find some reason why a team in first place this time last season is now the laughingstock of the major leagues. It's a great read and round-up of all yer Texas Rangers news, culled not merely from the locals but also outta-the-way places.

For some crazy-ass reason, Adam Morris loves the Rangers as much as Jamey Newberg. I love when he writes something like, "I don't think I've ever seen a baseball team's fanbase so collectively terrified about what the team is going to do with a draft pick, as it seems Rangers fans currently are about the possibility of the Rangers picking Julio Borbon with the 24th (or even worse, the 17th) pick in the draft on Thursday." First off, who knew the Rangers still had a fanbase? And who knew they were worried about Julio Borbon, whose name sounds like a tequila made in Kentucky? And damn it if the first comment there -- out of 58, no shit -- doesn't mention Fletch. In. --Robert Wilonsky

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