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Our New Year's Resolutions for Dallas

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1. Listen to the guys who want to Tear down 345.

2. Find a sensible solution to the Uber-Yellow feud.

3. Build more freeway parks so we can play ultimate Frisbee on 635.

4. Fewer valet stands, more bike racks.

5. Fewer police shootings, more transparency when they happen.

6. More small farmers markets.

7. Put these things called sidewalks next to the roads. All of them.

8. Keep more restaurants kitchens open after 10 p.m.

9. Kill the wedge salad forever.

10. Levy special tax on all buildings covered in neon lights. Use tax to fill potholes.

11. The WalMart on Lower Greenville takes up too much dead space. Let's install a cheap Truck Yard knock-off in its parking lot.

12. Public flogging and fire ants for drivers who come closer than 10 feet to bicycles or scooters.

13. Allow drilling in the Park Cities. If it's good enough for the rest of us ...

14. Get a bus route to the airport and/or the Ballpark at Arlington

15. Try not to start any more music festivals.

16. Spend more time at White Rock Lake

17. Shut up about JFK.

18. Plant some grass somewhere. Anywhere.

19. Trees. More trees.

20. Reorient Museum Tower away from Nasher, toward Houston.

21. Find a better pro football team to root for.

22. Bulldoze Victory Park.

23. More free pink buses

24. More live music venues in Oak Cliff.

25. Pass an open container drinking law for the streets of Deep Ellum, since we're going to keep shutting them for down multi-venue music fests every other month.

26. Figure out the secret identity of dallitude.tumblr.com

27. Make DART rail run 24 hours so it's useful to people who'd prefer not to drive drunk, wait for a cab that doesn't show up or spend a fortune on Uber.

28. No more reality shows that make us look like vapid materialistic idiots.

29. Continue not knowing how to drive on ice so we can all still "work from home" after ice storms.

30, Endeavor to read any ordinances, regulations, multimillion leases, etc. before approving them.

31. Change the locks at City Hall and don't give Mary Suhm a new key.

32. Wrap homeless people in battery-powered LED Christmas lights year-round to complete downtown's Vegas-without-the-fun theme.

33. Pass out free whippets at DISD board meetings, because those people could use a good laugh.

34. More Deion.

35. Better use of City Performance Hall, which should be filled every night with great shows by local and touring performers.

36. More "free nights of theater" events and "pay-what-you-can" performances.

37. Fewer productions of plays that were originally written with a feather.

38. Site-specific performances, "walking plays," pop-up productions.

39. For spandex cyclists on White Rock: stop ringing your bell at people walking in the protected area, start working up the courage to just ride in the road part of the lake loop.

40. More cross-walks, less running people over who are trying to cross them.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.