Ousted Dallas Voice Editor Launches Statewide LGBT News Site

Former Editor John Wright didn't make the most gracious exit from the Dallas Voice, what with the charges that the LGBT weekly had become a spineless rag that was "fucking its employees" and that his former boss had a thing for Thai boys.

Wright's dander has since settled. Plus, he can now channel any lingering resentment through Lone Star Q, the statewide LGBT news site he just launched.

"It's really just a continuation of what I was doing at the Voice in a lot of ways: educating, informing and entertaining the LGBT community," he says. "I think there's a real need for that."


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But the site, which went live last Tuesday, isn't about carrying out a grudge, Wright says. Sure, they'll cover some of the same topics, but the goal is less to compete with his old paper than fill the void that exists in statewide LGBT coverage.

Right now, not counting Lone Star Q, there is no statewide LGBT media outlet. Houston has a monthly magazine, San Antonio and Austin have websites, and Dallas has the Voice, but those all have an intensely local focus. Coverage of the Legislature and state courts and the executive branch, and coverage of issues outside the state's four largest cities, tends to be spotty.

"Lone Star Q is designed to fill that void by becoming a centralized clearinghouse for LGBT news and information across the Lone Star State," Wright says in his introductory post.

That will be a challenge, given that the site is a shoestring operation composed entirely of Wright and his computer that has yet to overtake the Yelp page for McAllen's Lone Star Bar-B-Q on Google.

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Eventually, Wright plans to have correspondents in cities outside Dallas. First, though, he has to find some money. He's currently seeking investors and plans to start selling ads by the end of the year.

Already, though, Wright's managed a couple of minor coups. He was first up with the news that Houston Mayor Annise Parker was extending benefits to same-sex partners, and his report on Dallas' inflated score on the Municipal Equality Index prompted the Human Rights Campaign to revise it downward.

It'll be interesting to see if he can make it work.

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