Pacman Jones Lands Radio Show with The Ticket's Bob and Dan

   Okay, not really. But we can dream, right?


   Because if Pacman Jones did get his own show with The Ticket's informative and entertaining Bob Sturm and Dan McDowell, the corrupt Cowboy returning to practice at Valley Ranch today would mysteriously fall on hard times and slink quietly out of town.


   Like, for example:


   Former Ranger Brad Wilkerson, former Star Bill Guerin, former Ranger Gabe Kapler, former Cowboy Dan Campbell, former Mav Nick Van Exel, former/current a-hole Bobby Knight and former Cowboy Drew Bledsoe.


   Each those poor schmucks was naïve enough to think they could have their own weekly show on BaD Radio and live to tell about it. Seems The Curse of the Bambino, The Curse of the Billy Goat, the Sports Illustrated jinx and The Superman Curse have nothing on this most toxic strain called The BaD Radio Curse.


   It claimed a new victim last week, and is on the verge of ravaging yet another.


   Appearing every Thursday this hockey season: Brenden Morrow. Every Wednesday: Jason Witten. Morrow, of course, tore his ACL last week is all but out for the season. Witten, of course, is trying to play with fractured ribs and yesterday took a direct, violent hit to the chest that watered my eyes just watching it.


   If you're a devout listener of the show, you're wondering how The Shield hasn't been cancelled. -- Richie Whitt

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