Pastor Lou Engle is Coming to Dallas to Fight Abortion -- and He Needs Your Help, Ladies

A while back, for reasons I happily can't recall, I took the step of following the staunchly anti-gay pastor Lou Engle on Twitter. Engle is the founder of TheCall, a traveling circus of politically focused intolerance, and he makes his living (as much as $90,000 in a year, tax records show) by sharing his teachings with young people. Those teachings include "San Francisco is Full of Gay Demons," "Wouldn't It Be Cool If We De-Gayed Ellen DeGeneres?," and "Oh Yeah, You AIDS-Infected Gay People in Uganda? You Deserve the Death Penalty." They may sound nuanced and bland, but they have helped the group raise more than $5 million since 2008, tax records show.

And last night, Engle alerted his followers to the news: He's bringing the show to Dallas.

It's coming to the city's Convention Center, actually, and he needs some help from the ladies in town to fill it up. And it's not, he affirms, just for the whores with the horn-shaped uteri.

"This gathering is for ALL women. Young and old, post and non-abortive women, every woman who cares. Come and represent millions of post-abortive women whose pain is unbearable and whose cry has been stifled by fear and shame."The two-day fast and prayer, on April 5 and 6, will gather women -- he's shooting for 7,000 -- to pray for the Supreme Court to have the wisdom to overrule ObamaCare.

So much is at stake with this hearing. Aside from the implications on the national debt, government mandated health care, and religious liberties, the thing that strikes me the deepest is the administration's argument for full contraceptive coverage. Contraception is a smoke screen in the argument because included is the systemization of the RU 486 pill, the Ella pill and other abortifacients.

If the Supreme Court rules for the constitutionality of this health care reform it could forever embed abortion into the soul of this nation by delivering a wide spread entitlement for all Americans to obtain insurance covered abortions beginning at conception. We are on the slippery slope of a great rebellion perpetrated by a perverted science and only the prophetic praying church can rise to challenge these powers.

He's a little short on participants right now -- remarkable considering that registration is free and it sounds so damn fun. Alas, the ladies aren't buying it, so Engle put out this video trying to guilt the nation's abortion-havers into coming. How will they ever resist.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.