Paul Quinn's Accredited Again! For Now.

So agreed the respective parties and ordered the federal judge in Georgia who's handling the college's lawsuit against the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, which stripped the 137-year-old Paul Quinn College of its membership back in June. However, the school remains on double-secret probation pending the outcome of case. As always, the ruling is below.

Update at 11:08 a.m.: Just after I posted this, we received a statement from Bill Brewer, the attorney representing Paul Quinn, in which he says that "the injunction allows Paul Quinn to continue serving students and the community in its full capacity, and represents another step toward securing the long-term future of this college." Also, notes the release: "As a result of today's order, Paul Quinn may continue to award degrees and distribute federal financial aid to students. Fall classes will begin as planned on October 5."Paul Quinn's Reinstatement


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