Peggy Noonan Calls "Bullshit" on McCain for Not Going With Kay Bailey

Kay Bailey Hutchison

For those who missed it yesterday, Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy joined MSNBC's Chuck Todd for a little Sarah Palin bashing they thought was off-mike. During their chat, Noonan, Ronald Reagan's former speechwriter and a Wall Street Journal columnist, called John McCain's decision to run with Sarah Palin "political bullshit." Later in the day, she more or less apologized and explained the remark: Noonan thought McCain should have gone with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who's since been relegated to an afterthought at the Republican National Convention, where she may or may not speak on the final day in St. Paul.

Early this morning I saw Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and as we chatted about the McCain campaign (she thoughtfully and supportively) I looked into her eyes and thought, Why not her? Had she been vetted for the vice presidency, and how did it come about that it was the less experienced Mrs. Palin who was chosen? I didn't ask these questions or mention them, I just thought them.
Alas, Hutchison has bigger fish to chicken fry. Just ask Dallas County Commissioner Ken Mayfield, who strolled past reporters yesterday as they were chatting up the senator and said, "Interviewing the governor." --Robert Wilonsky
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Robert Wilonsky
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