Penny for Your Transmission? Or, Why Charter's About to Drop WFAA.

A Friend of Unfair Park points us to this announcement from WFAA-Channel 8 concerning its being dropped from Charter Cable come New Year's Eve, and wonders, "WTF?" So happens, reports Television Broadcast today, that the local brouhaha is part of a larger battle between Belo and Charter, which is likewise dropping Belo broadcasts in St. Louis and Charlotte, North Carolina, over Belo's demand that Charter pay the Dallas-based broadcaster a penny per day per subscriber. Charter's not interested, and, as a result, if an agreement isn't reached in the next few days, 135,000 locals we need to find some other way to watch Dale Hansen give his kids a "Merry Christmas" kick in the junk. Like the Internets? --Robert Wilonsky

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