Pete Delkus Claims to Be Able to Close Dallas Schools. Can He Make Them Better Too?

Don't say we didn't warn you. WFAA weather personality Pete Delkus, in the form of his odd new smoking-jacket and cigar accessorized avatar, has announced what we've known for quite some time. He can, and does, control the weather.

He'll let them know if he decides to cancel school? What about if he decides to bring the earthquakes back? And God save the trailer parks if Delkus decides he feels like a tornado or two this spring.

We've got kids sledding in the mud -- not a euphimism -- in Frisco already, just because Delkus says he might deem fit to give them some snow tomorrow. What's next? Brisket with sauce? Sharia law? Human sacrifice?

You say it was just a joke in a tweet? Oh, sure, you could be right, but Unfair Park isn't taking any chances. Hey, Mr. Delkus! We dig the jacket. Plus, we have a vacation coming up in March. Any chance we could get some sunshine?

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