Somewhere in this picture, Andre Gurode's having his face stomped on by Albert Haynesworth. Andre would love for you to ask him about that tonight.

Phat Tuesday

I know, let's give up football for Lent. (Psst, since the NFL draft isn't until April 28, we won't miss a thing.) Luckily for us, before Ash Wednesday comes Fat Tuesday and, ta-da!, a chance to party with the Cowboys.

Sure, football and Mardi Gras traditionally go together about as awkwardly as hip-hop and spell check, but tonight at Carson's Live! on the Tollway, you can chug hurricanes and hurl beads at the likes of Andre Gurode, Patrick Crayton, Anthony Henry and some other spares you won't recognize without a jersey. Considering he just this morning completed a rags-to-riches season in which he progressed from having his face stomped to making the Pro Bowl to signing a new six-year contract, drinks are on Andre.

With the Cowboys off and the Mavericks off and the Rangers in Arizona and the Stars incognito, it's the closest thing you'll get to a sporty evening. And, who knows, maybe you'll snag one of the free autographed footballs Carson's is giving away every hour. Or, if until Easter you're abstaining from inhaling delicious, greasy, quadruple cheeseburgers, head to this joint for your last meal. --Richie Whitt

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