Plano Detective Says She "Absolutely" Believes Christina Morris Was Murdered

Speaking at a hearing to determine whether Enrique Arochi, the man charged with the aggravated kidnapping of Christina Morris, deserved less than $1 million bail, one of the detectives investigating the case told prosecutors that she believes Arochi kidnapped and murdered Morris.

At the end of what was a long day of partying for Arochi on August 30, 2014, he and Morris could be seen, according to police, entering the same parking garage at the Shops at Legacy in Plano. Only Arochi's car could be seen on the same camera leaving the garage. Plano police, in warrant affidavits and Thursday's testimony, say that they confirmed the presence of Morris' DNA in the trunk of Arochi's car, both on the trunk mat and in the rubber liner around the trunk lid.

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Arochi's taped interviews with police were shown at the hearing. He told investigators that he had 10 shots and five or six beers the day Morris disappeared, in addition to some Adderall and some weed. He told police that he'd said maybe five words to Morris the night she went missing. Officers couldn't search his car immediately, Arochi told them, because he had a business meeting set for the next day. Those scratches and bruises that made it look like he'd been in a struggle? Injuries he'd incurred while fixing his car. He told Detective Cathy Stamm, who testified at the bail hearing, that he blacks out when he mixes drinks.

When Arochi did let police search the car, they said it appeared the 2010 Camaro had been recently vacuumed and when police searched his home in Allen, they found a "large quantity" of cleaning supplies. The morning of August 30, he could be seen on gas station surveillance footage using a squeegee on his bumper; he also showed up to work three hours late.

Arochi's request for bond reduction was denied.

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