Plano Welcomed a New Condom Sense Store with Threatening Emails and, Yes, Gunfire

When Mike Edwards opened a Condom Sense at Parker and Independence in Plano last month, he touted it as a way to pump new life into an aging strip center and help reinvigorate local retail. But as CBS 11's J.D. Miles so, um, artfully put it, neighbors and religious leaders "aren't exactly ribbed with pleasure."

They were quite upset, as a matter of fact, even outraged and objected loudly to the store's existence, primarily, it seems, because passing children might conclude that sex exists and that people like it.

The friction hasn't eased with the store's opening. Just after midnight on Tuesday, CBS 11 reports, someone opened fire on the store from a car in the parking lot, shattering the front glass and causing thousands of dollars of damage the the building and merchandise. This on the heels of protests and vaguely threatening emails against the store.

"We never thought about how much some people have a lot of hate," Edwards told the station.

And in Plano of all places where such things are, according to Miles' report "unheard of in this neighborhood and even this city."

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