Playmaker Assaults Two More; Pleads Innocent, Dummy

You gotta love Michael Irvin. No really, you just gotta. Sure, he might have he made the Pro Football Hall of Fame as one of the all-time great offensive players, but there's nothing better than the former Dallas Cowboys receiver when he's playing defense.

This morning, KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket) morning-show hosts George Dunham and Craig Miller were talking about how Irvin allegedly assaulted a worker. Then, Irvin called the station to set the record straight, and during a tense 10-minute interview, Irvin called Dunham and Miller "dummies," chastised the show for implying his guilt and demanded an apology, which, in the end, he received. "You're right," admitted Miller. "Bringing up the likelihood of a settlement was wrong."

Short version: Irvin, who's certainly had his share of legal brushes in the past, hired a contractor (referenced by former Cowboys teammate Eugene Lockhart) to build a $2,000 fountain at his home. Irvin says that despite his having paid for the job up front, the contractor continued "hanging around my house." "I just wanted him to finish the job and go," Irvin said on The Ticket. "But next thing I know, I supposedly beat somebody up."

Irvin said police interviewed him about the matter and conducted an investigation. "The police found nothing," he said emphatically. "The guy is just trying to blackmail me. I didn't touch anybody. How many different ways can I say that?"

What prompted Irvin's call to the station was Dunham and Miller's opinion that, because of Irvin's history, there may be something to the case and, in the end, a financial settlement might be offered to make it quietly go away.

"There will be no settlement," Irvin said. "That's exactly what he's hoping, but there will be no settlement. The damage is done for me already when you guys start talking about this. This is a residual of my history, from mistakes I made 15 years ago." As a former ESPN analyst, Irvin knows there is a difference between stating fact and offering opinion. Dunham and Miller weren't out of line to surmise there could be validity to the case. But, of course, any time George Dunham gets addressed as "dawg," it makes for riveting radio. --Richie Whitt

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