Police: Man Refuses to Move His Car from Middle of Oak Cliff Street, Shoots Other Man in the Groin for Asking

Kendric Littles, 33, almost made it home safely last night. Just before 1 a.m., he was headed back to his Oak Cliff home when, less than a block from his house, he came upon a blue 2012 Hyundai parked in the middle of the street.

The car was blocking the road, meaning Littles couldn't get home. So LIttles got out and asked the driver to move. Littles didn't think that was too much to ask, but the Hyndai driver was apparently not in a cooperative mood. According to police, he and Littles began to argue. Then, when he pulled out a .22-caliber handgun, the argument turned into a one-sided gunfight.

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Police say the man shot Littles three times. One bullet entered his left foot. The other struck his left arm. The final bullet buried itself in Littles' groin.

An ambulance took Littles to Methodist Hospital with non-life-threatening -- but extremely painful -- injuries. Meanwhile, police pulled over a blue 2012 Hyndai nearby and took its occupants in for question. As of this morning, there have been no arrests.

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