Police: Two Men Were Called Gay Slurs and Beaten with Bats in Northeast Dallas Yesterday

Around 2 a.m. yesterday morning, two men were walking near the corner of Audelia Road and Forest Lane in northeast Dallas when, according to police, a dark four-door car, adorned with tinted windows and 24-inch rims, approached them slowly.

There were five or six black men inside, all thought to be their 20s, police say. The pedestrians didn't recognize any of them, but as the car got closer, the suspects started barraging the two victims with anti-gay slurs, calling them "fags" and "sissy."

Then came the bats.

Some of the suspects got out of the car, police say, and two brought baseball bats with them. One victim took at least four cracks to the head and was knocked unconscious, only coming to after the suspects fled the scene, police say. The second victim fought back as three men repeatedly pummeled his head and stomach.

As the suspects tried to flee the area, the second victim was caught in the passenger's side door of the car, which police believe may have been a Buick. He told police he was dragged some distance before he was able free himself.

The two victims drove themselves to Medical City Hospital, where they checked in the Emergency Room and called the police. The Dallas Police Department is calling the incident a hate crime, meaning it could carry significantly stiffer penalties if the suspects are arrested and convicted. The department is asking witnesses, or anyone with knowledge of the assault, to call Detective Chris Anderson at (214) 671-3616.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.