Poll: Dallas Is the Happiest Big City in the Country, Because We Love Jesus

Here's the bad news: If you are young, poor, black or Hispanic, disabled, or just graduated from college, you are significantly less happy than you were two years ago. Recent polling says so.

Now, the same folks at Harris Polling who brought us that depressing tidbit now bring a spot of good news: If you live in Dallas/Fort Worth, you're more likely to be "very happy" than if you live in any other big city in the country.

This may seem surprising. If it doesn't, you're probably not grinding through the Mixmaster at rush hour or spending enough time in the comments section. But Harris is a fairly well-respected outfit, and they assure us that the results are sound.

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The bedrock of our collective happiness, it seems, is Jesus or, as the "Happiness Index" puts it, "spiritual beliefs [that] are a positive guiding force." We also don't worry very much about our health, which isn't the same as saying that we shouldn't. Adding an extra bit of glee is the fact that DFW out-happys Houston.

Of course, this is all relative. Dallas still scores a mere 38 on the Happiness Index, meaning that 62 percent of the population is not as happy as they could be. We have among the worst relationships with our family members, and we don't really have any hobbies.

Then again, who needs family and enjoyable pastimes when 1) We've got Jesus and 2) We're not Houston.

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