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Don't believe Richie when he says Mike Rhyner's more powerful than Buck Showalter? Well, hell, just ask Rhyner. He'll tell ya the same thing.

Power Trip

It's a list of the most powerful people in Dallas sports. Say it with me: Pow. Er. Ful. Not the most popular. Nor the most talented. Yet never in all my years, er, year, at the Dallas Observer has a column generated such feedback, positive and negative (by which I mean, NEGATIVE). So before you gulp down that third cup of joe and fire off an angry e-mail claiming, "Roger Staubach should always be No. 1," allow me to retort.

Terrell Owens is No. 1 because, at this moment, he's the most powerful person in Dallas sports. Hundreds lined up in 102 degrees outside Wal-Mart for his book signing yesterday. In the next two weeks he'll be on Jimmy Kimmel Live, HBO's Real Sports and ESPN's ESPY Awards telecast. And when he showed up to a Mavs playoff game wearing a Heat jersey, owner Mark Cuban scrambled to have his minions produce a personalized "Owens" Mavs jersey within 24 hours. Hint: If you get Cuban scrambling, you're powerful.

The angst of most other e-mailers seems to stem from the inclusion of KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket) "Hardline" talk-show co-host Mike Rhyner and the omission of Rangers manager Buck Showalter. Again, who's more powerful? More influential? Rhyner created a radio station that has blossomed into the flagship of America's Team, and every single weekday afternoon he co-hosts a radio show that caters to hundreds of thousands of listeners. While he herds the opinions of the coveted 18-54 demographic, Showalter, um, makes nightly decisions to replace John Wasdin with Rick Bauer. Do the math.

And, as a lifelong Staubach disciple, it pained me to place The Dodger so low. But, seriously, there are many on the front end of the 18-54 who think Roger is just a really good real estate mogul and a really crappy NASCAR owner. --Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.