PPMs: Your 1st-Grader Now Controls Dallas Radio Advertising Dollars

Way back in Two Thousand and Eight I alerted you that radical radio ratings changes were on the horizon. Well, they're heeere.

As of Dec. 31, the data from Arbitron's new Portable People Meters is certified as legit radio currency in Dallas-Fort Worth. Diaries have officially gone the way of the dinosaur.

Meaning? The December monthly snapshot of ratings is now more than a trend. It's the truth.

And just what do the new numbers say?

That our No. 1 station - by a mile - is Recuerdo 94.1 FM.

That - considering KVIL 103.7 FM is No. 2 - people still really like Christmas music.

And that 1310 AM The Ticket, despite its death-grip slightly loosening, is still Dallas' favorite sports station.

I don't have the detailed breakdown of the coveted Men 25-54 demographic, but in overall listeners aged 6 - yes, I said six - and up, The Ticket is No. 21 in the market, followed by ESPN Radio at No. 26. Since the December numbers covered Nov. 13-Dec. 10, the new 105.3 The Fan was only two days old and didn't register.

As for the 3-month PPM period surveying October-November-December:

The Ticket   2.2  2.1  2.2

ESPN               1.8  1.7  1.6

In the old diary system, "all listeners" meant 12+. Now, with PPMs, it's 6+. Which means Arbitron is handing out PPMs to 1st-Graders and letting their listening habits influence actual, spendable radio advertising dollars.

Translation: As if she needed it, this chick now has even more power.

Scary. - Richie Whitt

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