Praise God...Or At Least GodTube

Looks like a job for...Bible Girl! Till then, how in God's name (uh...sorry?) did we miss this one:, which is exactly what it sounds like -- YouTube for the religious set. And, glory be, there's quite the local connection here: Says the latest issue of Newsweek in this Periscope piece, it's the creation of Chris Wyatt, who the magazine describes as "an excitable 38-year-old student at the Dallas Theological Seminary and former television producer and Internet entrepreneur." And now, Unfair Park's favorite person ever.

Wyatt's tried something like this before -- most recently, with a Christian variation of Netflix. But, writes Lisa Miller, he moved to Dallas last year, got a gig with a Christian marketing form, spent $400 for the domain name and, says Newsweek, he's already getting between 50,000 to 60,000 hits a day without having officially launched. (The site's still in Beta phase.) And ya know why people are watching? Because in between clips of preachers preachin' and gospel singers singin', you'll find...well, we've included an already infamous clip below, per Newsweek's suggestion. Because if the Interweb wasn't made for sharing videos like this one, it wasn't made for anything. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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