Preservation Dallas Asks: Is There a Historic Building You Consider "Most Endangered"? Well, Then ...

And while we're on the subject of yesterday's fire, Preservation Dallas offers its condolences as well: "The fire ravaged a neighborhood landmark that will not be easily replaced.  We are reminded by this loss of how historic places matter."

Such is PD's set-up to its call for nominations for this year's Most Endangered List, which will be announced May 5 to coincide with the National Trust for Historic Preservation's National Historic Preservation Month. Nominations will be taken till April 9.

So what, then, are the criteria? From Preservation Dallas's call for nominations, sent out moments ago:

The list recognizes endangered historic places that make significant contributions to our city and reflect the lives of community leaders, architects, developers, and the families who have made a home in Dallas. Preservation Dallas encourages people to look around carefully for endangered landmarks that are important to them. Many times we focus on the large historic buildings, but smaller, often-overlooked places, are equally important to the city. Endangered sites might include businesses, schools, parks, neighborhood features, signs, or places of worship.
Here's the nomination form. So, then, get to nominating.

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