Preston Center Is Getting a Skybridge, and Maybe a Tom Thumb

Earlier this week, we spent some time examining why Preston Center, the aging shopping center floating on a sea of Park Cities/Preston Hollow riches, sucks so hard. Little did we know that Crow Holdings already had a plan to fix it. With a skybridge.

Last December, Crow purchased the old Sanger-Harris department store building at Douglas and Berkshire, the one whose current tenants include such purveyors of high-end merchandise as Marshalls, Office Depot, and CVS Pharmacy.

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Bill Willingham, a longtime Preston Center property owner, says Crow is looking to lure the Tom Thumb currently housed in a cramped storefront at the Plaza at Preston Center on the other side of Preston Road into the second-floor space vacated by Ross. Neither Tom Thumb nor Crow's representatives have returned calls seeking confirmation. Willingham, who is not involved in the transaction, says it's not quite a done deal but he thinks it's close.

What is certain is that Crow wants to build the skybridge between the store and the second floor of Preston Center's parking garage so, Willingham says, the hypothetical shoppers at the hypothetical Tom Thumb will be able to reach their cars without going downstairs and darting across Preston Center's helter-skelter traffic. Also certain, though we haven't seen the renderings: It will look nothing like the awe-inspiring span above. We apologize for any confusion.

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