Put Up and Shut Up

Quick guess: Is this moment the happiest in Jerry Jones' life or, uh, not so much?

This just in: Terrell Owens admits he isn't Superman. Yathink? Gawd.

If you're not going to Saturday's titanic Southlake Carroll-Allen High School semifinal at Texas Stadium or eschewing mainstream menus and taking in America's No. 1 tennis player Saturday night at the StarCenter in Frisco, I'm sure you'll be -- like me -- watching the Cowboys try to heave-ho their playoff train back on the tracks against the Atlanta Falcons. Oh, goody. We'll see T.O. botch at least one pass. After all, nobody this side of KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket) plays more drops.

Last weekend Owens sat down with ESPN's Michael Irvin and talked about how he felt so unloved that he was faking it on the football field. He said he was hurt by the fact coach Bill Parcells didn't as much as ask him one single question in the wake of his accidental overdose/attempted suicide, to which the Testy Tuna replied along the lines of, "Fuggoff, I'm not talking about that any more." (For the 47th time, don't they just look so cute together?)

The Cowboys this week unveiled a kick-ass new stadium and a heart-warming kinship, yet here's T.O. again stealing the spotlight by screaming that he's tired of the spotlight.

Of his 11 drops, Owens gets cozy with denial and went the ol' "I'm not perfect ... Michael Jordan missed a shot ... Tiger Woods missed a putt" route. But, dude, you lead the league in drops. T.O. would rather talk about finding "snitches" than catching passes. But all you need to know about his eternal mindset was in his opening remark last Sunday night after his team got its head bashed in by the New Orleans Saints at Texas Stadium. Said a visibly disappointed Owens, not about the final score but rather the media attendance: "Wow, not many people here." There's no "I" in team. But there are a "T" and an "O" in idiot. --Richie Whitt

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