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Let me get this straight: Greg “The Hammer” Williams is on “personal leave” from KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket). And, right now, Jennifer Engel is announcing that today’s show will be her last on ESPN-103.3 FM. Hmm. How do you feel about The Ticket’s new afternoon drive-time show: Rhyner & The Whiner?

Alas, let me allay those fears: There is no connection.

For the record, Ticket director of programming Jeff Catlin e-mails to say, “Greg is taking some personal time off.” Meanwhile, down the dial at ESPN, Engel is telling listeners this morning -- all seven of us -- that “I’m trying to downsize.” No word yet from ESPN PD Tom Lee, but Engel’s making it sound like it’s a voluntary step-down rather than a firing. “I’m going to start a singing career,” she joked. Later came the obligatory, “I need to spend more time with the family."

For what it’s worth, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram writer is doing her swan song alongside KXAS-Channel 5 sports anchor Newy Scruggs, who once owned ESPN’s 10 a.m.-noon slot.

Engel’s departure means more upheaval for a station that’s yet to dent the ratings chasm between itself and The Ticket. ESPN recently lost mid-day national host Dan Patrick and this week said good-bye to night-time and Cowboys’ post-game host Mike Taylor. --Richie Whitt


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