Radio Daze Craze

Obviously you guys get turned on by tuning in.

I repeat, I’m not an Ed Bark starter kit attempting to become Dallas’ radio beat reporter.

But, then again – in the essence of “the customer is always right” – here’s the latest news that filled my email and voice mail while I was outta the country.

*Greg Williams – perhaps you’ve heard of him -- no-showed as a presenter at our Dallas Observer Music Awards show at The Granada last week. When I called him out about leaving us hanging, Hammer said he mistakenly thought the show was Aug. 22 instead of July 22. At best, that’s lame. At worst, well …

*99.5 The Wolf fired Tara Ward and Justin Frazell from its morning show last week but retained lead persona Smokey Rivers. You’ll have to form your own opinions as Richie thinks country music

*93.3 The Bone also apparently made some changes, firing Cindy Skull (I’m thinking that ain’t her real name) and Robert Miguel (That’s gotta be his real name). I admit, there's absolutley zero sportsy about that transaction.

With Pugs & Kelly gone from Live 105.3, Russ Martin in limbo and all sorts of stations in various personnel upheaval, if I’m a wanna-be radio voice in this city I’m spending my Monday dropping off resumes and tapes around the city. But, of course, that’s just me.

A sportswriter. Remember? -- Richie Whitt

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