Radio, Radio: Gordon Keith Gets Into a Fight, While KISS's Billy the Kidd Moves to NYC

Two radio items of note for those still on the terrestrial side of the dial: This morning 'round 8:45, a Friend of Unfair Park called with the command to turn on The Ticket, pronto, as Gordon Keith was being attacked by nemesis Nestor Aparicio. Didn't make it in time -- but the assault has found its way to Deadspin, which offers, "Juvenile antics are still antics; and far more interesting than another interview with Kurt Warner about working at a supermarket." The Ticket, incidentally, needs your help per its Web site: "If you happen to of recorded the webcast or taken screenshots of Gordon's assaulting, please email us ASAP with the evidence of this heinous atrocity that occurred Friday morning at about 8:45am." ...

And J.D. Freeman, Clear Channel's Dallas market manager, sends word today that KISS-FM's Billy the Kidd is leaving the market ... but not KISS-FM. Says Freeman, Mr. The Kidd is moving to Z100 in New York City, from which he'll broadcast his show back to Dallas. Last week, Clear Channel began a round of layoffs, and some local jocks will go national in an effort to cut costs. Freeman says this doesn't mean Billy's being syndicated nationally just yet, only that "he's a terrific talent and has a huge following, so this is the first step for him to have a national platform."

Update: TheUnTicket has the audio of Aparicio's brief assault on Gordon.

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