Rangers Lose Big For the First Time in a Long Time

What started so promising ... ended with a whimper.

The Rangers won the first six games of the 10-game road trip. Late last Thursday night they were three outs from an eight-game lead in the AL West. Then Mark Trumbo took Mike Adams deep, Texas' offense evaporated in Chicago and, just like that, the lead is right back where it was a week ago: four games.

Not to worry, the Rangers are still the class of the West. They'll win this division.

But yesterday, for the first time in a long time, was about as ugly as it gets.

The Rangers couldn't do anything with Gavin Floyd and left Chicago without a run in their last 15 innings (since Ian Kinsler's second Saturday homer). And Derek Holland's performance was laborious at best. Thankfully, I had to leave at the end of his 40-pitch third inning for a Cowboys' pregame show.

Ten-zip is never fun to watch.

Holland -- remember the bit about him being a Jekyl/Hyde-type pitcher? -- couldn't throw fastballs for strikes consistently and had no bite on his breaking stuff.

The Rangers were due for a clunker. Sunday's blowout defeat was the first time since July 31 they've lost a game by than three-plus runs. That's three consecutive weeks of pretty solid baseball.

Today the kids are back in school and the Red Sox are back in Arlington. Fall can't be far off.

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