Rangers Win on Weird, Loud Night in Arlington

Wasn't a full moon Tuesday night in Arlington, but it was an evening saturated with unique entertainment. Perhaps the most fun 2-0 Rangers win you ever did see.

There were two guys in bear heads sitting behind home plate, likely trying to top Katy Perry's VMA gaudy headgear and definitely pissing off analyst Tom Grieve ("It's not funny for the fans sitting behind them," he scolded.)

Oklahoma State billionaire booster T. Boone Pickens threw out the first pitch before just over 23,000, smallest crowd since back in April.

Then there was the newbie fan from -- somewhere? -- telling roving reporter Jim Knox "I love America!" before going into some sort of spinning circle dance with arms gyrating as if milking a really tall cow.

And, of course, on the field there was zaniness too. Right, pitcher with the scraggly beard and the nasty sinker who looks kinda familiar?

Scott Feldman won 17 games for the Rangers in 2009 by inducing grounder after grounder with pitches that never arrived at the plate higher than batters' knees. Last year was the Opening Day starter, then he lost his way and then his health, eventually undergoing microfracture knee surgery and diminishing into an afterthought in '11.

Last night in a spot start for weary Matt Harrison he was spectacularly old-school, not allowing a ball to the outfield in a scoreless, 6-inning outing that paved the way for the 2-0 win.

And then there was Josh Hamilton's mammoth blast to lead off the 6th.

By my count it was 15 rows up in the home-run porch, up so high that no one was around when it landed. Don't care what the "official" distance was (449 feet), it's the longest homer I've seen at Rangers Ballpark. I've sat in those seats and it's unfathomable to think a batted ball could land in your lap up there.

Adding to the night's weirdness, play-by-play man Dave Barnett said the ball landed well above the ... vomitory? He's right, it's just that most of us simpletons call them tunnels.

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