Rasansky Says You'll Know Sooner Than Later What's Replacing Greenville Ave. Whole Foods

I see Avi's posted a piece to Barking Dogs wondering whether a Walmart will take over the old Whole Foods on Lowest Greenville. Writes Adelman, yesterday "teams of inspectors -- electrical, structure, property, roofing -- swarmed all over the building, taking photos, comparing architectural drawings to reality, and deciding what made sense and what did not." But nobody would tell him anything.

Angela Hunt told Unfair Park this morning that a "grocery store has been mentioned" for the site, but she's heard "nothing more specific." She did say that current zoning would allow Walmart to plant one of its smaller markets, but not a big box: "That's not possible on that piece of land." And when I asked Karl Zavitkovsky, head of the Office of Economic Development, if that spot will count towards the "more than a dozen new projects in the city of Dallas" mentioned by the city back in February, he said, "I honestly do not know."

But you know who does? Former council member Mitchell Rasansky, who owns the property. So let's ask him.

"I have signed a confidentiality agreement," he told me moments ago. "I can say that a lease is out, but I am not at liberty to tell you who it's with."

I asked: So when will you be able to say? To which he responded: "In about six weeks."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.