Dan Rather is now working for Mark Cuban, though oddly not as a point guard.

Rather "Fearless" of Them


Washington Postbreaks the news

that Dan Rather will indeed be working for Mark Cuban, specifically his


high-definition network. The 74-year-old former CBS newsman will announce this week to TV critics, during their so-called "press tour" in Los Angeles, that he will be the host of

Dan Rather Presents

, which Cuban described yesterday as "an opportunity to do news in what I like to call 'fearless mode,' what Dan calls 'with guts.' Go out there and find the stories we think will have impact." The show will launch by October. Of course, in the interest of full disclosure,

I too have a show

on HDNet, but I've had mine longer, which gives me, like, total seniority over Rather. Expect much ritual hazing, promptly followed by copious ass-kissing.

--Robert Wilonsky

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