Rawlings Nabs Top Spot as Mayoral and City Council Candidates Pick Ballot Positions

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City Secretary Deborah Watkins and her staff oversaw the selection of ballot positions this morning in the Flag Room at City Hall, as mayoral and city council candidates for the May 14 election chose envelopes with numbers inside. Former Park Board president Mike Rawlings landed the top spot among mayoral candidates, but only because the other three candidates had selected the other three places.

Sarah Dodd, David Kunkle's wife, selected the No. 2 spot for her hubby, followed by Ron Natinsky choosing the envelope with No. 3 and Edward Okpa with No. 4.

Tennell Atkins, who's running unopposed, and Sheffie Kadane were the only incumbent council members on hand. Atkins sat next to Rawlings, who he's endorsed, and Kadane chose the No. 1 spot in a three-person race for his District 9 seat.

Billy MacLeod, Helene McKinney and Vernon Franko gained an early leg up on the incumbents in their respective district races by selecting the top spots.

After the jump, the full list.


1. Mike Rawlings 2. David Kunkle 3. Ron Natinsky 4. Edward Okpa

District 1

1. Delia Jasso (incumbent, unopposed)

District 2

1. Billy MacLeod 2. Pauline Medrano (incumbent)

District 3

1. Dave Neumann (incumbent) 2. Scott Griggs

District 4

1. Dwaine Caraway (incumbent, unopposed)

District 5

1. Vonciel Jones Hill (incumbent, unopposed)

District 6

1. Luis Sepulveda 2. Norberto Orlenas 3. Monica Alonzo

District 7

1. Helene McKinney 2. Casie Pierce 3. Carolyn Davis (incumbent)

District 8

1. Tennell Atkins (incumbent, unopposed)

District 9

1. Sheffie Kadane (incumbent) 2. Robert Foster 3. Kirk Launius

District 10

1. Jerry Allen (incumbent) 2. Cynthia Durbin

District 11

1. Linda Koop (incumbent, unopposed)

District 12

1. William Tsao 2. Donna Starnes 3. Sandy Greyson 4. Gerry Ridgely

District 13

1. Ann Margolin (incumbent) 2. Rich Sheridan

District 14

1. Vernon Franko 2. James Nowlin 3. Angela Hunt (incumbent) 4. Brian Oley

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.