Re: Bye. Out.

A superior staffer at The Dallas Morning News who is not taking the buyout sends this missive regarding this morning's post about the list posted here. It says, as follows:

"1) That's an incomplete list. A lot more good people are leaving.

2) Speaking as one of the 85% of the newroom that is not taking the buyout: We are not chopped liver, damnit! Yeah, this sucks. And yes, we are losing some very good people. But some very good journalists will remain.

I'm no toadie for management and the myriad ways they've made things worse. But here's a sad truth: Even a diminished DMN will be better than most other papers in the country. And will still have by far far far far the largest news gathering staff and news hole (or however you want to measure available news info) in NTx. And will still have more than a couple of talented folks.

Did you happen to catch Josh Benton's weekend double, for instance, on school testing, cheating and the truly moronic ways our Texas ed officials are (not) dealing with it?

So show a bit of sensitivity for us, if you don't mind."

Point taken. Note to self: More sensitivity, less hyperbole. --Robert Wilonsky

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