Re: Man Bites Dog

My idol and role model Ed Bark, the writer I will probably miss the most in The Dallas Morning News now that he's been cut loose and allowed to roam the streets unattended, sends this ready-to-post missive concerning my (maybe very drunken?) Sunday-night scented-oil massage:

"Now that I've toweled off a bit, I wanted to thank you profusely for all the kind words about unclebarky.com, which I'll probably find a way to repeat several more times in this missive. I'm feeling like a huckstering book author right now, coached to parrot in all interviews, 'As I write in my book...'

Anyway, this is very much a homemade effort, with my 20-year-old stepson, Carl Morgan, an indispensable aide in setting all of this up. He's amazingly enthusiastic and adept at trouble-shooting. Without him, this wouldn't be anywhere near a reality. At this point in my rather stark transition, I'm about as adept with computers as Robert W. Decherd would be with a corny dog at the State Fair. OK, that's the last swipe.

We're still working out various bugs, but most people apparently now are able to get unclebarky.com on their alternative home screens. It's people like you, though, who are spreading the word. And I greatly, greatly appreciate it. $24.59, huh? That would cover one month of my web user fee, so woo-hoo!"

By the way, Ed, if we haven't already offered you a gig here at the ol' Observer, feel free to drop Julie Lyons a line and tell her I told ya to bug her. She loves that. And I dunno how much money we have, but, lookie here, I have an extra $13.52 I can pitch in. --Robert Wilonsky

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