Re: Shalom, Jerome

Jerome Weeks sends this comment concerning yesterday's posting of his farewell address. It's been posted in the item's comments sections, but to make sure it's seen by those who scroll past the day's news and move onward and upward, I am including it here.

"My apologies to Mr. Wilonsky for my farewell column not 'kicking his bosses in the balls.' But then, that is Mr. Wilonsky's preferred goal; it wasn't mine. As a reader, I've always felt cheated when a favorite newspaper writer disappeared without some final words, so I tried to see if even a reflective, non-bitter, non-belligerent farewell column would pass muster with the editors. The fact that it didn't speaks to the fearfulness that prevails at the DaMN; the fact that Mr. Wilonsky didn't pick up on this speaks to the blogger's eagerness for easy conflict.

But in the spirit it was intended: Aleichem shalom, Robert."

Actually, that wasn't my point at all, Jerome. I thought it was a perfectly lovely adios--reflective, as you say, and I expected nothing less. I was merely asking why something bereft of bitterness or belligerence didn't get the OK from the bosses, that's all. No apologies necessary. --Robert Wilonsky

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