Re: The Next Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys Will Be...

Just got off the phone will a Valley Ranch birdie that chastised me for not including Jim Bates on my list.

Bates, who recently took a job as the Broncos' assistant head coach, served as the Cowboys' linebackers coach in the late '90s. He's a friend of Jerry Jones, a close friend of old Jones crony Larry Lacewell and devout disciple of the 4-3. He will probably get an interview, but I'd be shocked if he got the gig. Add it all up and, eh, slap him in there at 27-1.

More important, I hear OU coach Bob Stoops is in the area today, ostensibly to meet with top high-school prospects at Plano and Richardson. But I'll bet you a nickel he sneaked a lunch with Jerry. Mia's, table for two? --Richie Whitt


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