Re: T.O., O.D.

Dallas Police Department spokesman Lt. Rick Watson just held a press conference in which he didn't deny a police report indicating Owens attempted suicide. Watson would only say that the information shouldn't have been leaked to the media.

Citing federal privacy laws, Watson didn't take questions and said, "After our investigation, at this time it is not a criminal offense. It's a medical-type situation." Consistent with the police report, Watson confirmed that officers were summoned to the 3800 block of Commerce Street (which is the Mitchell Lofts building) last night at 7:51 by Dallas Fire & Rescue paramedics. Owens was transferred to Baylor via ambulance. It seems strange that a suicide attempt would require the presence of police officers, but Watson refused to answer that question.

The Cowboys have so far issued no comment on the situation, but if it is indeed a suicide attempt, putting Owens back on the field for the foreseeable future--any time this season--seems highly unlikely. Owens, who once as an Eagle famously yelled on the sideline, "I love me some me!", is apparently still being treated at Baylor. An update on his condition is planned around 2 p.m. Stay tuned. --Richie Whitt

Update: The Dallas Morning News is now reporting that it was Owens' publicist, Kim Etheredge, who called 911 last night because Owens "appeared lethargic." She tells the paper, "The police asked him a lot of questions, but he could barely answer them," and she denies the police report's contention that his was a suicide attempt. According to the paper, she contends "that the pain killers prescribed after surgery to repair his broken hand combined with the supplements that are part of his training regimen caused his body to react poorly." She also says Owens was released from Baylor this morning.

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