Re:Vision Dallas Winner Breezes Through On a Downtown Fact-Finding Mission

Earlier this week, we pointed out this impressive three-minute virtual walk-through of Entangled Bank, a winning Re:Vision Dallas entry from North Carolina-based Little Diversified Architectural Consulting.

Turns out, Little's director of design, Brad Bartholomew, was in Dallas for a tour of his own this week, checking out the proposed project site behind Dallas City Hall, and cruising around to get a feel for how Dallas operates. The project is a single, sustainable city block, but as he headed out of town this morning, Bartholomew told Unfair Park he's interested in creating something that will "make sense" with its surroundings. (It would still be the only downtown building with an organic vertical garden running down the side.)

"We wanted to come down and experience the city, the culture and the context," Bartholomew said. "We took a lot of pictures and some video moving around the city, to get an idea of how the city of Dallas works socially."

Bartholomew said it was all too soon to draw any conclusions from the visit, but unlike some East Coasters who've weighed in recently, he was taken by the Arts District, the way it "ties a series of spaces together around a common framework," and the potential to apply that same model to a sustainability theme.

Bartholomew said he expects to hear in the next few weeks which of the finalists gets the nod from the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation and bcWORKSHOP.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.