Read the Dallas Independent School District's "Budget Reduction Plan Version 2.0"

Jim -- lucky -- is at 3700 Ross at this very moment, where the trustees are doing a little math involving employees and enrollment. Moments ago, Carla Ranger wanted to know: If enrollment has dropped, why has the number of employees grown? She didn't get the answer she wanted; she was told, We'll get back to you. At which point the super said they're naming that appointed citizens council tomorrow. Maybe. Maybe not.

But, of course, the thing you want most to see right now is the latest version of the budget, which was presented to the trustees a little while ago during their board briefing -- the one that says the district will only need to cut $150 million (maaaaaaybe) from the budget and not that worst-case-scenario $253 million.

The 31-page PowerPoint was just posted to the district's website; below you'll see the reasons the district assumes things will get better (but you know what they say about assuming ...) while still having to lay off 1,298 teachers. Said Jack Lowe, "This is the best, most logical, transparent effort" he's seen in his nine years on the school board. I know, I know.

Upon his return, Jim will offer his interpretation of the day's events.

Major Assumptions - Version 2.0

The Assumptions for the $103 Million Difference are:
  • Use of the "Rainy Day" Fund - $40.2 Million (Total State - $4.3 Bil)
  • Increased Revenue Assumptions from the State Comptroller - $18.7 Million (Total State - $2.0 Bil)
  • Deferral of Expenditures to the Next Biennium - $18.7 Million (Total State - $2.0 Bil)
  • K-12 Public Education Savings Allocated to Dallas ISD Through Distribution Model - $25.4 Million

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.