Liverpool FC chief executive Rick Parry

Really, Tom Hicks? Really?

Seems Tom Hicks just don't get it. Because just two days after his Liverpool FC kicked its way into the Champions League semi-finals, the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars' owner is demanding that Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry step down. Like, immediately. Hence, this story's use of such phrases as "boardroom turmoil" and "astonishing turn" and "shock move" (which shouldn't be confused with "shocker") and "embarrassing saga."

Why the letter demanding Parry's resignation? Something horrible? Something unforgivable? Not really: "Hicks was believed to have been enraged by Parry's interview recently on BBC Five Live in which the chief executive pleaded with both co-owners to end the war between them and come to an agreement that would allow the club to move forward." Coco, you bastard. --Robert Wilonsky


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