Reason No. 1,364 Why Tom Leppert's U.S. Senate Announcement is Imminent

Tom Leppert has hired Shawn McCoy, the deputy communications director for the 2010 U.S. Senate campaign of Linda McMahon, whose website was designed by the same folks who are behind Leppert's. While it's apparent Leppert is preparing for a Senate bid of his own, until he leaves the city council on Friday and makes a formal announcement of his next move, McCoy's role is unclear. However, we found him introducing himself as "working for" Leppert at Hunt Oil Tower downtown during this afternoon's announcement of the $9 million in private donations to the Woodall Rodgers Park.

McMahon, a Republican and wife of World Wrestling Entertainment founder Vince McMahon, resigned as WWE's CEO in September 2009 to run for the Connecticut Senate seat held by Chris Dodd for 30 years. She lost to former Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who had told audiences that he served in Vietnam despite evidence to the contrary.

McCoy joins internet strategist Stan Olshefski and finance director Shelly Carson as staffers hired by Leppert with previous experience working for a senatorial candidate. Only Carson was involved in a successful Senate campaign, serving in 2004 as finance director for South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint.

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Sam Merten
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