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Reel News: Early Shorts by "Texas Legends," and DIFF's Indonesian Film is Very Local

I'll be out of pocket this evening, otherwise I'd be at the Texas Theatre for A Very Special Program of short films presently on a statrwide tour courtesy the Texas Independent Film Network, a coalition of Texas film and video orgs intended to spread the gospel about homegrown indie films. It's called "Texas Legends ... Before They Were Legends" and counts among its offerings Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket -- the original '92 short film, which I haven't seen on a big screen since it played the USA Film Festival way back when. Also on the schedule tonight: Richard Linklater's Woodshock, Tobe Hooper's The Heisters and Robert Rodriguez's Bedhead, among others.

Now, back to the Dallas International Film Festival's initial list of offerings, which includes an Indonesian actioner called Blood of Eagles. Look at the names of the co-directors: Yadi Sugandi and Conor Allyn. "Allyn"? As in ... Rob Allyn of Allyn Media? Yup -- Conor's his son, a Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas grad. And Rob co-wrote the movie, matter of fact, his second credited screenplay. I was reminded of this fact this morning, by one of Allyn's colleagues, who confirms "this is his full-time gig now" and only getting fullerer.

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