Rep. Jeb Hensarling's Feelings Upon Bailout Bill's Passage: "Resignation, Relief, Doubt, Hope and Fear."

This is, alas, likely our last Rep. Jeb Hensarling item of the week, as, but an hour or so ago, the House of Representatives approved -- and President Bush signed -- the juiced-up bailout bill by a margin of 263 to 171. The Dallas Republican, who voted against the bill on Monday, once more cast his "nay," but not before delivering this speech on the House floor, in which he expressed his mixed feelings about the bill and those who voted for it. An excerpt below. --Robert Wilonsky

I come to the floor with an odd combination of resignation, relief, doubt, hope, and fear. I was surprised when the House version failed on Monday -- and I will be even more surprised if the Senate version fails today. Thus, I am resigned. But with that resignation also comes some measure of relief that at least some plan to deal with the national crisis at hand. ... Some conservatives will support this legislation because they feel it is the last opportunity to address the crisis. They may be right. Some conservatives will support this legislation because they view it as the lesser of two evils. They may be right. Principled conservatives may conclude differently than me, and I respect each and every one of them. We have all struggled to do our duty and cast the vote we believe to be right.

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