Cantina Laredo in Terminal D at DFW -- not bad at all, certainly better than the Reata Grill outpost

"Responsible" Docs Recommend DFW Airport If You Need to Eat and Fly

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, originally known as the Village People, today released its annual Airport Food Review -- and, like me, it found the Cousin's Bar-B-Q in Terminal B at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport "outta sight." Fine. It did, however, give DFW the top slot in its ranking of airports most where you're most likely to find a healthful meal -- no doubt, because it has way more options, as the place is its own city. Says the PCRM's summary:

1. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (94 percent): Dallas took first place in this year’s review, up from fourth place in 2006. Terminals here are packed with restaurants that offer at least one low-fat, zero-cholesterol entrée. Healthful offerings include the veggie noodle bowls and veggie sushi at Blue Bamboo Xpress, the spinach enchiladas at Cantina Laredo, and the black bean burgers at Bennigan’s. Also getting into the act is Wendy’s, where low-fat choices include baked potatoes, spring mix salads (minus the cheese), and veggie burgers.

In other words, you're fine at Terminal D. Elsewhere, best of luck to ya. --Robert Wilonsky

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