Reunited, And It Feels So Good

Babe Laufenberg's back in the Cowboys' booth, so what does that mean for his TV gig?

How 'bout some Cowboys-related issues to chew on while waiting around today for this total waste of time and another Rangers loss in Anaheim?

As predicted, Babe Laufenberg will return to the Cowboys' radio booth this season. Done deal. Look for an announcement today, maybe tomorrow. And listen for the duo of Babe and Brad Sham to return to being the best in the NFL biz. Charlie Waters was decent during his one-year stint, but Babe & Babe are magic. Not Brad & Dale Hansen iconic, but magical nonetheless.

Nothing official on this one yet, but Valley Ranch whispers are that longtime local broadcaster and current Cowboys TV contributor Bill Jones is mulling a full-time offer from KTVT-Channel 11. As a reporter we think, but ... Well, we can't imagine Babe leaving his sweet gig as 11's anchor, but he has said repeatedly he'd only return to radio if it wouldn't slice into his family time. Doubtful, but those aren't a lot of dots to connect.

Kinda off-topic but not too far, anybody know anyone who ever actually saw this? Is it still around? Or, perhaps, on the junk pile next to this?

If you want to see Michael Irvin enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, get your tickets here and make plans to be in Canton, Ohio, on August 4. For a chance to see history, $52 seems a bargain, no?

Though Dallas' skeletal pre-season schedule is out, the regular-season version's release has been delayed until next week. Insert pins. And needles.

As for team transactions, Brad Johnson is not only your backup quarterback but also -- better late than never? -- your holder. --Richie Whitt

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