Reversing His Field

Dallas Cowboys training camp hasn't officially begun, and starting free safety Keith Davis is already drawing flags. But these aren't yellow for leaping offside but red for lying. The skepticism you had at initially hearing Davis' tale of being shot on Interstate 635 in the early morning of July 16 is now shared by Dallas police, who today told Unfair Park that the Cowboy has changed his story and has also been linked to a disturbance that required police attention in his hometown of Italy, Texas, during July 4th weekend.

"In the first go-round with detectives, Mr. Davis was not truthful," said DPD spokesman Lieutenant Rick Watson. "It raises some red flags." The new information has yet to lead to any suspects or even a motive in the shooting, but it has slightly altered the direction of the investigation.

Instead of returning home from visiting family in Shreveport, Louisiana, as Davis originally told detectives, the Cowboy this week admitted to police that he had attended a party along with several NFL players and Cowboys teammates near I-635 and Central Expressway before the shooting. Davis also said he was en route to attend church when shot. Who knows? But call us dubious.

"Our detectives confirmed through witnesses that Mr. Davis was at the party," Watson said. "He, in fact, was not where he originally said he was. Whether or not it has any bearing on the shooting, I don't know. But it's a little different picture now."

Also contrary to his initial story, Davis told police he now remembers a white truck exiting I-635 near TI Boulevard. Shortly after, around 5:10 a.m., the rear window of Davis' customized Chevrolet Impala was shot out and bullets grazed the back of his head and struck him in the right thigh. "We're hoping the driver of that white truck might remember seeing something," Watson said.

Davis' passenger, 30-year-old Lajuanda Lincoln of DeSoto, was uninjured.

This is the second time Davis has been shot. The first was in the parking lot of a Dallas topless bar in June 2003, when he was struck in the arm and hip. Lincoln was not involved in the previous shooting.

Earlier this month, Davis, who flew to training camp with the team this morning, hosted a block party in Italy, 45 miles southeast of Dallas. Police were called to the party but wound up down the street at a carwash where they interviewed a man who had been at the party and claimed he had been struck in the head by a beer bottle. No one was arrested.

Without suspects or a motive, police haven't ruled out carjacking or road rage in Davis' most recent shooting. But at this point, police do not believe the parties in Italy and Dallas or the '03 incident are connected to the July 16 shooting.

"Is it bad luck or is there something more there?" Watson said. "Until we get more details, we have to consider it just being at the wrong place at the wrong time."

Twice. --Richie Whitt

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